We’re a group of entrepreneurs and professionals, passionate about changing the world`s reality.Through  small contributions from three dollars from generous hearts, along with structured partnerships.We will create short-term projects that change the harsh reality for many people and provide a solution to difficult problems and abandoned causes around the world.


Our causes


Sea rescue

We will start creating a team of professionals to clean a dozen acres of the sea floor off the coast of the San Andres Island in Colombia working in partnership with the Foundation  and local population.

A change for the homeless

We will create a platform for the homeless to create art for a living wage. When they find meaning in creating art masterpieces.   

Art toys inspired by terminal children

Based on the work of the     in Colombia, we will design collectible art toys inspired by terminal children that are in need of financial and emotional support in their harsh reality. These toys will be sold online in a tailor-made store that tells the story.

Our progress

We need

your help

With only 3 dollars you can help us to make this initiatives come true. We will receive donations that will fill the scores, when we get to each budget goal, we will start developing the next project ahead.

3 causes, 3 stories

3 ways to help.

100% of donations are invested on the causes.

Road map

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