Based on the work of the Hands of Love Foundation in Colombia, we will design collectible art toys inspired by terminal children that are in need of financial and emotional support in their harsh reality. These toys will be sold online in a tailor-made store that tells the story of each child. In this way, we will motivate people around the world to support a child through the purchase of each toy. The majority of income from each sale will provide financial relief to the family of each child.

Components of the project:

Psychological supported meetings to know and understand every child’s situation

Invite artists to draft a design for each toy matching the creative personalities of every child


Digital modeling the toy for the 3D printer


Toy production

Hand-deliver the first release of the toy to a child


Post the toy on the online store with their story


Video production for the initial 10 stories


Animation for each toy promotion

Social media, content strategy & paid advertising

Would you like to be part of our team?

Help us to spread the word and as an ambassador from our cause and you can join us in presence to the final process of each project.

100% of donations are invested on the causes.

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